Roid at SPRUTH MAGERS gallery London

I went to this exhibition yesterday. I nearly didn’t go , I’d been walking around London all day, getting increasingly sore footed and both huffy and puffy. But I’m really glad I did, I found it inspirational but I also got struck with a bit of the green eyed monster.

It was by American Photographer Philip -Lorca diCorcia, and consisted of over 100 polaroids from his time in LA in the 70s, and pulled pieces from his entire body of work. Subjects ranged from the male prostitutes of sunset strip , to magical forest shots, to balloons, to his family friends and lovers. I loved how the exhibition was curated ,with the polaroids resting on a single aluminium rail that spanned the room, no frames and no mounting. I can really get behind this , I suppose, “amateur” style of exhibiting , with no barriers between the sender and receiver. In the one extremely amateur exhibition I have done with Andrew Thorn, we stuck photocopies on the wall with tape.

I love the aesthetics of polaroids , the colours, shapes and sizes, they are delightful little things. So it sure was a pleasure to look at two roomfuls of them. 

The work really struck a chord with me, as it was very similar to pictures I would take, in fact, some of the shots were very similar to shots I have taken,(in particular, balloons, forests and clouds) but better. But not better in a “wow, how did he even do that, I could never even imagine capturing that brilliance and social insight ” kind of way but in a , “if I stuck at it, found out about this…, had that camera,improved a bit I could do that” kind of way. So in that sense, it made me feel very motivated and inspired, but conversely it gave me that knot of impatience and jealously in my stomach, the sense that I had to do it right that minute, and regret that I hadn’t done it  already. 

Anyway, it finishes this Thursday, so go and see it if you can.

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